Monday, September 9, 2013

A Cameroonian Killed On the Streets Of Johannesburg(South Africa)

The Cameroonian Media Outlet"La Nouvelle Expression" learnt from sources close to the family of the Leadership of  Fondjomekwet (West Cameroon),that one of the Princes of the Royal Family,Youta Alphonse(45) was murdered on the streets of Johannesburg(South Africa) on the 3rd of September 2013 at about 7pm Cameroonian Time.

According to the same Sources,Alphonse had just parted ways with his brother on this day before being murdered.Eye witnesses saw everything from a distance in the dark.They reported that they witnessed a very violent fight.

Initial Information indicated that due to Alphonse´s stamina and strength,he was not attacked by one but many hoodlums.After the violent altercation,he was found dead and lying in the pool of his own blood.A bloody dagger was also found close to his corpse with several deep wounds indicaating that he was stabbed so many times.

The South African Police has opened an Investigation to reveal the Circumstances of the attack and possibly find the perpetrators of this gruesome act.Meanwhile his body has been kept by the police in a morgue in Johannesburg for further examinations.

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